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Brookhaven Chiropractic Center

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Clinic Contact Information

Richard Hathcock
721 W. Brookhaven Circle
Memphis, TN 38117
Phone: 901-767-8077
Fax: 901-767-8861

Clinic Description

Dr. Richad Hathcock and his team at Brookhaven Chiropractic have been serving Memphis for the last 11 years. Our clinic specializes in the three main causes of disease| Trama, Stress and Toxins.Traums include motor vehicle accidents, falls, and working too hard in the yard and around the house. Unfortunately once the initial pain is gone, we think we are fine, all the while degenerative processes move along internally. Stress and it's consequences take a huge toll on us both physically and emotionally. This can manifest as a lack of consistent sleep, headaches, irritable bowel, moodiness, weight gain, anxiety/depression and of course PAIN. This causes us to age much faster than we should. Finally, toxins are all around us. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the things our bodies touch. These can wreak havoc on the hormones in your body elliciting a whole host of health problems.


Insurances Accepted

  • Auto Accident Insurance
  • Major Medical / Managed Care
  • Cash Plans
  • Credit Cards
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Medicare

Languages Spoken

  • English

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