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Chiropractic Primary Spine Care: A mandatory “future trend” for chiropractic success that has already begun 2077
Ranges of Motion as a Utility for Outcome Assessments: Chiropractic Taking a Lead Role in Rendering Accurate Assessments for Spine 2007
Age Dating C4-C5 Herniated Disc in a Low Speed Crash 1783
Traumatic Ligament Laxity of the Spine and Associated Physical Impairment 4165
Why are Accident Engineering Reports Incomplete And/or Misleading? 1456
Strain/Sprain is One Syndrome, Not Two Separate Pathologies and is Permanent 3465
One of the Most Important Diagnostic Test Results Affecting Case Values in Soft Tissue Injury Cases 3076
Soft Tissue Injuries: What are they and the Long-Term Impact of Bodily Injury 6097
Ligament Failure and Strain-Sprain Reported as Permanent in Whiplash 2564
Ligament Pathology as Sequella to Trauma with Alteration of Motion Segment Integrity (AOMSI) 2461
Age Dating Disc Herniations 4262
Accident Scenes & Police Reports 1695
Low Speed Crashes and Missed Vehicle Damage 1886
Concussion: Diagnosis-Testing-Chiropractic “New testing is available using biomarkers” 5006
Bulging Discs and Trauma: Causality and a Risk Factor 3171
Disc and Ligament Injuries: How Spinal Experts Document Causality 2760
Crash Dynamics and Accident Reconstruction Q & A's 2299
Tire Skid Marks & Causality 2161
Low Speed Accidents - Conservation of Momentum: Where Does the Energy Go, Part 1 2703
Low Speed Accidents - Conservation of Momentum: Where does it go, Part II 2410
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