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Acute (Severe) Low Back Pain, Early Intervention and Chiropractic 140710
Children and Chiropractic: A Study in Adverse Effects 171527
Low Back Pain, Arthritis and Chiropractic, A Clinical Correlation 77626
Decreased Muscle Spasms and Chiropractic Care 196646
Work Injuries, Workers Compensation and Chiropractic: A solution to the spiraling healthcare costs in America 84577
Prediction of Outcomes with Chiropractic Care and Cervical Pain 25013
Balance and Movement and The Effect of Chiropractic Care, Utilization with the Elderly, Cerebral Palsy, the Athlete and the General Population 154719
The Effects of Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments on Heart Rates 246263
Low Back Pain, Reduced Disability and Chiropractic: A Study in Proper Diagnosis 81804
Acute Neck Pain (Torticollis), Disability and Chiropractic: Patient Satisfaction Results 322501
Increased Balance, Movement & Kinematics as a Result of Chiropractic Care, A research conclusion that affects rehabilitation patients, athletes, balance disorders and increased production in the workplace 24837
Cervical and Lumbar Disc Herniations and Chiropractic Care 37243
Work Injuries, Full Recovery and Chiropractic Care, Resolving the myth that doing nothing is better 18657
Chronic Neck Pain and Chiropractic: A Comparative Study with Massage Therapy 160636
Increased Sports Performance and Chiropractic 32827
Arthritis and Low Back Pain: Chiropractic Care vs. Heat Treatment 38170
Disc Arthroplasty (Disc Replacement Surgery), Low Back Pain and the Efficacy of Post-Surgical Chiropractic Care 113096
Herniated Discs, Radiating Pain and Chiropractic 201491
Balance, Chronic Pain and Chiropractic 80331
Muscle Pain, Trigger Points and Chiropractic 60615

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