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Disc Herniations and Low Back Pain Post Chiropractic Care 4665
Frozen Shoulder's Improve With Chiropractic Care 3605
Chiropractic Care Reduce the Odds of Low Back Surgery 3659
Chiropractic Scores Highest Among Professional Students in Understanding Musculoskeletal Conditions 123035
Urinary Incontinence Improves with Chiropractic Care: A 6 Year Study 114319
Children with Tremors and Conversion Disorder: A Chiropractic Solution 150066
Chiropractic and Children: From Birth to 18 Years Old -Conditions Cared for and Side Effects 90565
Scoliosis and Chiropractic 83788
Headaches and Migraines: Chiropractic Saves Federal and Private Insurers $13,680,000,000 and Resolves Many Issues Facing Emergency Rooms Today 94473
Chiropractic - Ear Infections - Pneumonia - Bronchial Asthma - Bronchitis - Colic 734413
Low Back Pain: Chiropractic vs. Muscle Relaxants 504779
Work Related Injuries, Recurring Low Back Pain, Chronic Care and Chiropractic Treatment: A Proven Solution to Save Federal, State and Private Insurers $2,871,485,223 78742
Chiropractic Saves Federal and Private Insurers $15,897,840,000 and Adds $692,160,000 in Wages to Americans 163797
Stroke Rehabilitation and The Positive Effects of Chiropractic on the Response to the Central Nervous System and Motor Training Tasks 101380
Arthritis Prevention and Chiropractic, Chiropractic prevents arthritis in accident victims, the elderly 153773
Brain Function (Sensorimotor Cortex) Increased with Chiropractic Care 319462
Sciatica (Leg Pain) & Lumbar Disc Herniation; Surgery vs. Chiropractic Care 24472
Older American Utilization of Chiropractic Care *Persons 65 Years and Older 336354
Children-Pediatric Utilization of Chiropractic Care 122223
Dizziness in Older Adults and Chiropractic Care 195317
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